" I am standing on my own altar,

the poses are my prayers"

-B.K.S. Iyengar

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About Kata

Kata is coming from Hungary where she tried several types of sports in her childhood but never did anything on a professional level. In her adult life she has been taking on different dance classes, which all helped her to build a strong connection with her body.

Her yoga journey began in 2009, in Budapest. It was something new but it felt like she finally started to feel the connection between body and mind and soul with the help of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. She visited classes 1-2 times per week.

In 2012 Kata moved to Switzerland where she continued her yoga practice, with the same intensity. 

All of that changed after a bad lower back injury during a gym session. After two months physiotherapy Kata decided step on her yoga mat every morning. To heal her back and get stronger. It worked immediately. This was when her yoga journey took a shift. It became a way of living, where she could expand her awareness to the everyday life. 

She fell in love with yoga and she wanted to share this love with everyone who had curiosity and willingness for the practice.
Kata completed Nico Luce’s 200 hours teacher training in 2018, and keep on studying and expanding her knowledge at Nico’s trainings. She attended several workshops, mainly about inversions but also about backbends and Pranayama. 

She’s been teaching in yoga studios, gave office yoga classes and had several private students ever since and recently started her live online classes where you can practice with her twice a week.

Teaching style

Kata has a unique approach to her teaching style that is ideal for your online experience as well as in person. Her detailed description of how to position your body, from how to place your hands, grip the ground to aligning your hips means that regardless if you are a long practicing yogi or new to your practice you can follow with ease. Her awareness of the individuality of the body means you don’t feel pressed to push past your limit or feel at risk of injury. Her flows have a comforting rhythm giving time for transitions and grounding in the pose.


Her approach to teaching is to warm the body and then work the body. Alignment and anatomy is important to how she helps guide your body and practice but so is grounding and opening the mind. Being aware of your breath to support your flow is key. 

Class experience

“Her classes range between a softer flow for those early mornings to a strong and longer flow to build strength. Her humour and humbleness means falling out of a pose is all part of the practice and frustration is something that either doesn’t come or passes quickly. The flows are varied and usually focus on a peak pose when in a 90min class or a pose of the yogis choice if that is something in your practice. Every pose has a variation to suit where you are with your practice and how your body works. Practicing with Kata should be part of your weekly practice. If only for her little stories and fun spirit.”

-Eleanor J.


  • 200 RYT Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training – Nico Luce, 2018
  • 100 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training – Dr. Alison Mc Lean and Elia Nikolaev
  • 60 RYT Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training – Nico Luce, 2020
  • 60 RYT Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Nico Luce, 2021
  • 10 RYT Anatomy and Integration in Yoga – Doug Keller, 2021 (online)


Inversions – Marysia Do

Hanstand – Nick Brewer

Backbends – Meghan Currie

Pranayama – Paul Dallaghan

Flexibility and Strength – Claire Dalloz 

Low Back and Sciatica Relief – Alison Mc Lean (online)

Kirtan – Krishna Das

Shoulder Strength and Mobility – Matt Giordano (online)